Another SEMA down… still recovering

Whoa, another SEMA has just passed, and here I am dragging along this so-called life. Yeah, a lot of pictures to sort through, but still dealing with time. Why even post something without any photos? No idea… but uhh… they’re coming.

sorry.. lol.


been while.. as always.. stupid busy..

Here I am sitting quietly wondering about what my future holds.. Tuition costs were already beyond affordability last year which caused me to take a year hiatus off of school… but as costs of going to college are continuing to skyrocket beyond the outer realms of space.. I cannot see myself graduating anytime soon. Even with Federal aid or not, it’s beyond nonsense.

My current job is barely paying the bills, and though its schedule leaves me open to do my hobbies and stuff on the weekends, I’m sacrificing potential hours I could use to increase my paycheck.. But in all honesty, the pay isn’t great to begin with.. and if I had those same hours with the right job and hourly rate, I would be completely fine.

In other news, I’m really pushing myself to eat better again. Health seems fine. It’s really finances that’s really getting me down overall. Hiking trips on delays.. and my commitment to drum corps is really affecting my budget. I just can’t afford to do much of anything.. and yet I find myself digging deeper in while trying to dig out.

Money problems that give me stress.. that leads to wanting to do something… which costs money… which circles right back and bites me in the ass. I’m not really sure my income is even supporting my expenses anymore… Each month it seems my bank account is shriveling up smaller and smaller instead of getting larger… That’s not good… not good at all.

I’m ready to just get out there and live in the wilderness without worry about money and crap… but wait.. I sorta kinda need money to prepare myself to do that.. damnnit. This world… running on currency.. It consumes my soul… I want to be free.

Gluten.. it feels like crap

UGH… I’m feeling the adverse effects of gluten right now.. I never felt like this when I was eating strict paleo.. My body is starving.. my energy level is close to nil… and despite not being celiac, my body easily treats gluten like poison..

It is what it is.. I might love my chicken and waffles.. but I can’t deal with this horrible feeling.. Changes need to start now.. I can’t keep continuing to wait around and find myself feeling like crap after I eat something I shouldn’t have.

ok.. now for a good old fashioned paleo friendly meal.. eggs.. yum.

No-Poo! (no shampoo.. and no soap either)

Ok.. this all started last year when I stumbled upon this little article:

Reading and researching.. I found out that there were many other new articles and posts relating to ditching shampoo.. Whether it was to go green, or just for the benefits. For those who are cringing at the idea of how or why anyone would do such a thing.. you just have to ask yourself.. WHY?  Because I’m sure many of you are probably thinking those who don’t use soap and shampoo probably stink and are going to be relatively more dirty than those who do.

Prior to my experiment, I would say that my hair was always greasy a day or two after I would take a shower (on occasions that I had to skip one in the morning or evening). It required constant maintenance to keep it from being too oily and causing my head to go into that dirty itchy feeling where you had to take a shower. Also, right after a shower.. my hair would be.. “too clean”.. causing it to be fluffy and just uncomfortable unless I put some oil or products in my hair to balance it back out.

Banking on this theory of the human body able to regulate itself without the help or need of all these chemicals, not only did i decide to ditch shampoo, but also body soap. So, the truth is revealed… of the 365 days of 2011, I probably could count the days of using soap.. to be easily less than a month.. and shampoo use.. very much less than that.

The shampoo use that I did use… was for when I really needed a small flush.. and even so, probably used an amount the size of a pea.. Though there was an incident last year where I had someone shampoo my hair.. and that was just… a horrible mess.. it’s another story to tell later on. I still obviously used hand soap whenever necessary for food preparation and whatnot.. but otherwise.. I just scrubbed my body down with some water.. and rinsing out my hair with.. water. That’s it.

What I’ve learned.. is yes… allowing the human body to regulate itself is a good thing. When it comes to my hair.. it’s become  EXTREMELY easier to maintain. If really necessary, I could go for a few days without washing my hair, and it wouldn’t get so oily and greasy as it used to be. Sure after a shower it’s not super fluffy clean.. but that’s when you reached the point where the shampoo washed out EVERYTHING.. and that’s not necessarily a good thing. The human body overcompensates and that’s why my hair was so awful and excessively oily after 2 days.

Don’t call me unhygienic. I still take my showers, and probably still cleaner than a good majority of people out there. You wanna sniff my armpits to make sure I don’t stink? Be my guest… but life has been quite better since I made this decision. Read the link I posted above.. and google up some other articles (oh there’s plenty of them out there).. and perhaps try it out for this new year. Give your body time to adjust.. that’s really the only thing you have to deal with. I would say it takes about a week for most people… at most 2 weeks.

A few articles suggest transitioning using baking soda… or just transitioning to baking soda (which is still good)… but I’ve gone to just using water. Give it time if you’re not getting results. I’ve read it takes even up to 6 weeks for your body to correct itself. Especially if you’re a crazy avid shampoo user. Your body needs to re-learn to regulate itself.

So.. get off the shampoo train.. and join the movement of no-poo. Your body will love it.

Here’s a few other related articles to get you started:

BLARGH! well, that didn’t go as planned.

So.. it’s Day 17 of 2012 and despite my efforts to change cold turkey overnight like I did last year.. things are still in the transitioning phase. Some personal things came up at the very beginning which caused a massive snowball of “I don’t give a #$%@!” that pretty much threw any resolution, much less of anything out the window of a 27-story building (why 27 stories? I dunno.. random number that popped into my head). I’m watching what I eat, but there are just moments where I just… go whatever. Being a foodie, there are just some things I can not pass up.. even when it is not quite paleo-friendly..

It’s been a difficult year so far financially, and I still find myself among the very many unemployed individuals out there.. To top it off, EDD has rendered my file invalid.. and I am not receiving my further benefits. Consequentially, with my difficulties in money management, I am deciding again to skip another semester of college.. a decision I hate to make.. and having my graduation date pushed into oblivion is something I do not enjoy. I get enough crap from my father about finishing college, and this will only further infuriate his already disapproval of my decisions in life. Oh joyous day…

PCT plans have yet to advance from where I left off last summer, and there’s no way at this moment to budget myself to get the equipment this year before the summer to have that test run I wanted to do. I can only imagine myself borrowing equipment again and doing a very, very small weekend trip to Yosemite like I did before.

Yeah… day 17 of this new year.. and I feel like I haven’t moved. This sucks.

The transition.. back into strict Paleo

So… over the past months… cheating… upon cheating… as well as factors such as a low income.. has caused my path to stray away from the healthy diet that has not only changed my life this year, but allowed me to finally lose the weight that I have tried to lose over the past several years.

For those who don’t know, I tried different diets and even included an exercise regiment that ended up in no significant changes over the past several years… and there wasn’t anything I found that worked.. nor was able to stick to for longer than a few months. Even after a few months… you’d figure you’d see something right?! There are those crazy workouts that say you’ll see results in little as X amount of days…. and even then… most are ones that are so intensive, very few people are able to really complete.

I suppose if you’re overweight, have the time and dedication… as well as the lack of sanity to go through with it.. perhaps it works… but as I mentioned.. not many people can do those. Am I an athlete? Am I someone who wants to be ripped for no apparent reason? I’m just the average guy trying to be more healthy in a practical way. Even trying those things, there weren’t any results I was pleased with.

Starting yesterday at the very least, I’m cutting gluten out of my diet again. I know how my body behaves without it.. and I like it that way. I just have more energy, and if I were to start exercising again.. it’ll certainly be more beneficial. At the very least gluten… then avoid grains where I can… and then place myself a goal to at least push through a month. I’ve gone through months upon months this year eating well. So, I don’t see how it would be too difficult to do just one.  Also, I still have a month membership at CrossFit I need to use by next month… So after New Year’s… I’ll be doing that as well.

Transitioning into a Paleo diet can be difficult to do cold turkey…. though I pretty much was able to at the beginning of this year. It started with the correct motivation, and the willingness to push through. One of the factors that led me astray these past few months is income.. I just don’t have much, if any of it. Here are the facts… cheap food.. is usually non-paleo. There are ways to eat paleo cheaply.. and from when I was eating Paleo.. I was spending about the same amount of money.

But the big thing was.. I was buying the food… to cook at home. When you’re going out with friends to eat… you CAN eat paleo… however, the money you spend… ends up not being worth it.. and it just adds up like crazy.. Not having time and/or a place to cook was where it went awry.

I would have to start buying and cooking things up again… and as long as I have a kitchen.. That’s pretty much it. Now I’m gonna cook me up some butternut squash for lunch.

4 Days of SEMA

1,000+ photos.. most of them bracketed shots.. and it comes down to about 160 photos I got that are “publishable”.. LOL.

What a nice time to spend sorting thru photos.. right? The life of a photographer… sorta and quickly choosing shots that are decent enough that you wouldn’t feel so embarrassed if you showed them to other people.

Many thanks to Thomas at for this wonderful opportunity.

well.. here they are..

2011 SEMA Coverage

So for the past 2 years I’ve been shooting photos at SEMA for a friend’s webzine,, to help showcase and publicize the event as well as help him with the numerous press releases and conferences that occur during the entire week. In return, I get the honor of attending the largest automotive aftermarket trade show.. and have a fun trip to Las Vegas.

It’s been a tough journey thus far to be able to afford such a trip.. and even so now as the hours approach before I leave on this next journey, I continue to struggle financially. However, I shall fight.. and do what is necessary to ensure that this trip is both enjoyable as well as productive in my ongoing conquest to live life fully.

Bags are getting packed, camera equipment dusted off, and budgeting the week to ensure that things don’t go awry. With food… buffets… walking the strip… lots of window shopping… as well as my usual sightseeing… things are going well in the planning process. I shall be arriving this upcoming Monday, which will be fun and interesting as it is Halloween!! Last year, wandering about the Vegas strip, there were plenty of people in cheap cheesy store bought costumes. I, on the other hand, dressed elegantly in full black including a full male corset and donned my custom made fangs… essentially becoming a well-dressed vampire. This year, I’ll be wearing something similar, still sporting the black and vampiric look.

Anyway.. after the Halloween festivities are over, Tuesday morning will be the start of SEMA and the various work ahead to shoot photographs. Hoping to see old friends I haven’t seen for a long time.. as well as score some entries into some SEMA parties. It’ll be fun. hopefully.. yeah.. it should totally be a great year.

10,000 Free Round-Trip Tickets to Japan – ABC News

10,000 Free Round-Trip Tickets to Japan – ABC News.

GoPro Everything We Make Daily Giveaway

Oh how ‘ve been entering.. hoping to score myself this prize..

One guy from San Jose won today.. looks like it’ll take a lot of luck and wishing.. but I’m not giving up on a chance to win. People all over the world are entering too..

yup.. it’s Trung Nguyen vs. The World… oy.

GoPro Everything We Make Daily Giveaway.